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Login Page: Welcome to the Writing Hub's online consultation platform! 

All UCSD students—undergrads and grads—can book 1:1 appointments with a writing consultant. Writing Hub consultations are a great way to get feedback from a supportive, experienced reader. We can help you at any stage of the writing process, and we accept assignments from all disciplines. 

When logging in, please be sure to select the appropriate schedule; undergraduate and graduate tutor availabilities are scheduled on separate calendars.

If you don't see an available spot for you, click on the "WAITING LIST" link on the lower right side of the day's schedule to be notified if any appointments become available.

Have a draft and/or questions ready before your appointment begins. This way, your consultant will be able to direct the session in a manner that benefits you the most. 

Be prepared to reserve the last 5 minutes of your consultation to fill out our post-session survey about your experience at the Writing Hub. Your feedback will contribute to our ongoing learning and training so that we may better serve you!

Helpful Links: 

Post-Session Survey. After your appointment, please consider filling out our quick survey about your experience at the Writing Hub. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Writing Consultant profiles. Appointments are available with consultants from a wide range of academic backgrounds. 

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